Eagle Butte School

Eagle Butte School

School VISION:  Keeping our Wakanyaja (children) sacred through positive thinking.

High School Back to School Plan


We surveyed students to determine the number of students who have access to devices such as a laptop, iPad, desktop, or tablet with which to do virtual learning. Approximately 30% of our student body do not have one of these devices. Students listed phones, however, we did not count them among those who have devices or access to devices as phone screens are small and make it difficult to learn on them. With this information from our survey, we found that we could accommodate those students who do not have access to a device by having the student check out a laptop from the school. We will check out these devices beginning on September 15-18, 2020 to those students who do not have a device other than a phone. We will call you to come to the High School to pick up the laptop. Students who do have a device may use their personal computer to access virtual learning. The school has ordered Dell Latitude 5410 laptops whose delivery date is October 30, 2020. We will have students check in the loaned laptops and check out the new laptops shortly after they are delivered. All high school students will have a new laptop with which to do virtual learning. Students who were using their own personal computer may come in and check out one of the new Dell laptop computers.

The Learning Management System we are using is Google Classroom and Zoom. Teachers and paraprofessionals have been very busy learning how to deliver instruction using these tools. Teachers will record lessons and upload instructional materials (textbook chapters, worksheets, etc.) on Google Classroom. The instruction will be delivered via Zoom for 30-minute periods in the morning and afternoon sessions. Students will have Work Time for 1½ hours after the fourth period to work on assignments from the morning session. They will have a ½ hour lunch and Zoom for 30-minute periods for 5th, 6th, and 7th periods. There will be a Work Time for 1½ hours for students to work on assignments from the afternoon session. We will track attendance when students logon to Google Classroom and Zoom.

For students who need extra help, we will have After-School tutoring sessions on Zoom from 4-6 p.m. on Monday-Thursday.

Certified teachers and paraprofessionals will be available to assist students. We will continue to track how students are doing through the Eligibility Report. We will notify parents/guardians when students are falling behind in assignments or are not turning in work. Parents may also access student assignments in Google Classroom.

We will use Attendance Tracker in Google Classroom to track attendance. Each teacher will inform students how they will take attendance each day and what will constitute a tardy to class. We developed the schedule so that the transition to in-person instruction will be seamless. This is the schedule that our teachers have had input into developing:

Period Begin End Notes:
1(IES) 8:00 am 8:30 am Daily check-in with Students
2 8:34 am 9:04 am Zoom Session
3 9:08 am 9:38 am Zoom Session
4 9:42 am 10:12 am Zoom Session
Work Time 10:12 am 11:46 am Student work on assignments from the AM
Lunch 11:46 am 12:15 pm  
5 12:15 pm 12:45 pm Zoom Session
6 12:49 pm 1:19 pm Zoom Session
7 1:23 pm 1:53 pm Zoom Session
Work Time 1:53 pm 3:25 pm Students work on assignments for the day


The total instructional time is 396 minutes each day.
Virtual instruction will help the student to learn time management skills and to use their time wisely. They will also learn and practice good decision making skills. (Should I watch that TV show now or should I get my assignments done first? My class starts at 8:00 in the morning so I’d better get to bed at a reasonable time or I’ll be trying to sleep in class tomorrow.)
This is a new adventure for all of us. There will be glitches here and there until we really get the hang of it. Please be patient with us and with yourself. Let’s have a good start to the year.