Eagle Butte School

Eagle Butte School

School VISION:  Keeping our Wakanyaja (children) sacred through positive thinking.

E.A.G.L.E. Center I, II, and III Staff

Principal, School-To-Work Coordinator

Dr. Vicki Birkeland

Clerk, Section 504 Assistant, Attendance, Point and Excellent Day Recorder

Whitney Thompson

Social Studies and Social Skills Teacher

Jerica Slocum

Exceptional Education Teacher, Case Manager and Technology Manager

Michael Scott

English Language Arts and Social Skills Teacher

Christina Osthus

Science and Social Skills Teacher

Patricia Harper

Math and Social Skills Teacher

Deb Gropper

Education Technician and Behavior Manager

Fay "Chug" Garreau

EC School Counselor, Coordinator Section 504

Gina Veo

Placement Counselor

Lola Blue Earth

GED ® Test Administrator

Melissa Neigel